2016 EACPT Focus Meeting: How to Assess Medicines from Research to Clinical Practice? Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Economic – 3E Assessment

Go to meeting website to submit an abstract (deadline 15th June) and to register (early deadline 30th June).

The next EACPT Focus Meeting will be held from 6th to 9th October, 2016 in partnership with the Croatian Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

The theme of the meeting is “How to Assess Medicines from Research to Clinical Practice? Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Economic – 3E Assessment”.…

Charles Bridge Prague 14.5.16

Update from Prague on the EACPT

The EACPT Executive Committee have met in Prague from 13th – 14th May to plan for its future activities.

These include:

A joint EACPT session with EPHAR in Istanbul, June 26-30th 2016.
Our next Focus Meeting to be held in Opatija in Croatia from 6th – 9th October 2016
The exciting programme shaping up for the EACPT Prague Congress (24-27 June 2017)
Plans for major EACPT Awards due in 2017 (Lifetime Achievement – deadline 31st October, 2016; Scientific Award – deadline 31st January, 2017)
Support by the EACPT of the new UEMS Clinical Pharmacology Section
Activities of the EACPT Working Groups for Research, Education, Regulation and Young Pharmacologists.…

Aspirin Senior Science Award Slide

Senior Scientific Award – Value £10,000

Senior Scientific Award
Value £10,000


Award entries are invited from individuals or one nominated by their colleagues in scientific or academic institutions.


Applicants are asked to submit a summary (up to 1000 words) in English of their career and contribution to the use and science of aspirin/acetylsalicylic acid together with a full CV.

Applicants should have a demonstrated track record of valuable, significant medical scientific research (basic, translational or clinical), contributing to the scientific knowledge of aspirin/acetylsalicylic acid.…

The EMA Launches new PRIority Medicines scheme – PRIME

The EMA Launches new PRIority Medicines scheme – PRIME

The European Medicines Agency has today launched the new PRIME (PRIority MEdicines) scheme to strengthen support for medicines that target an unmet medical need. The scheme focuses on medicines that may offer a major therapeutic advantage over existing treatments, or benefit patients with no treatment options.

A press release and further information on PRIME have been published on the EMA website, including details of how to apply.…

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