Save the dates for the 12th EACPT Congress in Madrid – 27-30 June, 2015

Madrid will be the hosting city for the 12th Congress of the European

Habsburg period Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. It is the first time the EACPT Congress will take place in Spain, following previous presentations of bids for Barcelona 2009 and Valencia 2013.  Although it took some time for the EACPT to accommodate Spain’s enthusiasm to receive the European and Worldwide CPT community, we are delighted that this will finally be a reality in 2015.…

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The EACPT is planning to launch Individual EACPT Associates as a new opportunity to become part of the EACPT and to support its activities. Benefits for Individual EACPT Associates will include

online access to our official journal – Clinical Therapeutics
50% reduction in page charges for publishing in the journal
involvement in EACPT working groups and other EACPT activities
opportunities to become involved in partner activities between the EACPT and other organisations

The Individual EACPT Associates initiative will be launched in the Spring of 2014.Loading……

2014 EACPT Focus Meeting: ‘Drugs to Fight Cardiovascular Damage’ 3-5 July, 2014

Following the well-attended EACPT international summer school in 2013 in Edinburgh, the next European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics [EACPT] update for young researchers is the 2014 EACPT Focus Meeting on  ‘Drugs to Fight Cardiovascular Damage’.

The 2014 EACPT Focus Meeting takes place from July 3rd – 5th at the Radboud University Medical

Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen

Center in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. 

This EACPT cardiovascular focus meeting is of interest to clinical pharmacologists, pharmacologists, and other young scientists and clinicians interested in drug treatment of cardiovascular disease. 

Topics include: – ultrasound imaging of vascular injury (including a workshop tproviding t hands-on training),– the microbiome and inflammation in the metabolic syndrome– targeting inflammation to prevent and treat atherosclerosis– diagnosis and therapy of adrenal hypertension– protection against ischaemia-reperfusion injury. 

Provisional State of the Art Lectures by invited speakers include:

Arterial stiffness measurements; methods and relevance for risk assessment and drug-research: Stephane Laurent, Paris, France

IMT measurement with ultrasound, methods and relevance for risk assessment and drug research: Luc van Bortel, Gent, Belgium

The microbiome in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome: Max Nieuwdorp

Fat cells and inflammation in the pathogenesis of the Metabolic Syndrome: Rinke Stienstra, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Predicting and manipulating drug inactivation by the human gut microbiome: H.…