WEB-RADR – innovative use of mobile technology and social media to monitor safety of medicines


The European Medicines Agency is today hosting an update workshop on the 3 year Innovative Medicines Initiative WEB-RADR project, which was launched in September 2014.
The project includes a series of work packages for partner organisations in Europe and the USA aimed at developing and evaluating use of mobile technology and social media as tools to monitor the safety of medicines.

CardioVascular Clinical Trialists CVCT 13th Global Forum 2016 – Washinton D.C.

The 13th CVCT (CardioVascular Clinical Trialists) Global Forum is held in Washington D.C. USA this year from Dec. 1st – Dec. 3rd.

The Global CardioVascular Clinical Trialists Forum (CVCT) is dedicated to the discussion of clinical trials in cardiovascular disease and aims to provide answers to these questions.

CVCT is a true Forum where scientific productivity and peer-to-peer exchange are at their best.…

Pharmacovigilance: update on activities by the European Medicines Agency

Fergus Sweeney (EMA) & June Raine (PRAC Chair)

The European Medicines Agency is today holding its Tenth stakeholder forum on the pharmacovigilance legislation of the European Union. This forum brings together regulators with patients, consumers, healthcare professionals and industry, to take stock of what the EMA has achieved and what needs to be the focus over the coming years.…

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