EACPT Focus Meeting 2014 in Nijmegen

Nijmegen, November 21

EACPT focus meeting ‘Drugs to fight cardiovascular damage’

At the start of the summer holidays, the first week after students had left the University Campus, a small but high quality meeting was organized by the European Association of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics focusing on new targets to prevent cardiovascular damage. During this three day meeting (3-5 July) 85 clinical scientists from all over the world (apart from almost all European countries, also people from Australia, Taiwan, the United States) visited Nijmegen to share new ideas. Apart from original research (abstracts have been published in the august supplement of Clinical Therapeutics: http://www.clinicaltherapeutics.com/issue/S0149-2918(14)X0011-1), state of the art lectures were provided by top scientists including imaging of vascular injury (Ultrasound elastography to detect vulnerable plaques; pulse wave velocity to improve clinical assessment of cardiovascular risk), the microbioma and adipose tissue in the pathogenesis of the metabolic syndrome, the role of inflammation in atherogenesis (including epigenetic reprogramming of inflammatory cells), new genetic insights in the pathogenesis of primary hyperaldosteronism and new targets to prevent ischemia-reperfusion injury. Speakers included Stephane Laurent (Paris), Luc van Bortel (Gent), Max Nieuwdorp, Coert Zuurbiers and Esther Lutgens (Amsterdam), Rinke Stienstra, Jaap Deinum, Niels Riksen and Gerard Rongen (Nijmegen), Felix Beuschlein (Munich) and Derek Hausenloy (London). Not only innovative research was discussed. There was also an opportunity to follow a one day course in vascular ultrasound (supported by Esaote Benelux and AtCor Medical; chaired by Joost Rutten, internist) and there were workshops on ‘How to publish in Clinical Therapeutics’, provided by the editor in chief of this journal (Richard Shader) and on ‘How to apply for a Horizon 2020 grant’ (Annelies van Ravestijn, Valorisation department, Radboudumc).

This small but intensive and highly interactive meeting was a success, thanks also to EACPT, Radboudumc and the Dutch Heart Foundation who made this meeting financially possible.
I look forward to the next biannual EACPT meeting which will be held in Madrid (June 27-30, 2015; http://www.eacpt2015.org).

Gerard Rongen (Chair of the EACPT focus meeting in Nijmegen)


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