Geneva Congress 2013

Under the auspices of the Swiss Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, the 11th biennial Congress of the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics took place in Geneva between the 28th and the 31st of August 2013 and was co-chaired by Pierre Dayer, Marie Besson and Caroline Samer.

The Geneva Congress brought together around 600 international delegates, including health professionals, clinical and life scientists, policy makers, professionals from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities and others interested in the spectrum from basic to clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, and from drug discovery to regulatory affairs. 101 speakers were invited from 21 countries – 15 from the European region and a further 6 countries internationally, from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, China, Benin and India. Around 300 abstracts from 57 countries from all 5 continents were presented as oral and poster communications.

The scientific program was built on 3 key themes: Bedside pharmacology for special patients, Pharmacology and Society and Pharmacology and Toxicology and included 33 parallel sessions, sponsored symposia, daily poster guided tours and daily plenary lectures, given by Professor Günter Hartmann (Bonn, Germany), Professor Napoleone Ferrara (San Francisco, USA) and professor Ziad Mallat (Cambridge, UK).

The 2011 EACPT awards for life time achievement went to Professor Carlo Patrono and Professor Sir Michael Rawlins and a special EACPT award was presented to EACPT co-founder Professor Michael Orme and accepted on his behalf by fellow EACPT co-founder Professor Folke Sjöqvist.

The EACPT scientific award went to Dr David Devos for his work “Methylphenidate for gait hypokinesia and freezing in patients with Parkinson’s disease undergoing subthalamic stimulation: a multicentre, parallel, randomised, placebo-controlled trial.’”, published in Lancet Neurology.

Four EACPT best poster prizes were also attributed to:

  • Domenico Italiano, Italy, for: Effect of aripiprazole and risperidone on ventricular repolarization in children and adolescents.
  • Annemarie Thijs, Netherland, for: Sunitinib does not reduce endothelium-dependent vasodilatation in humans.
  • Roselyne Boulieu, France, for: Thiopurine metabolites are useful in predicting azathioprine resistance in pediatric IBD patients.
  • Caroline Samer, Switzerland, for: CYP1A activity after chronic exposure to dioxins from a waste incinerator.

All the abstracts presented at the congress were published in Clinical Therapeutics, the official journal of EACPT.

The social program honored Swiss traditions including a symposium on the pharmacology of chocolate, followed by Swiss chocolate testing, a horn concert and a gala dinner cruising on Lake Geneva.


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