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April 2019 updates on the EACPT from Athens

The EACPT Executive Committee is meeting in Athens from 5th – 6th April 2019 to plan for future activities of the EACPT.

Main topics for discussion include

final details for the upcoming 2019 EACPT Congress to be held in Stockholm from 29th June – 2nd July in 2019
early planning for the next EACPT Congress, to be held in Athens in 2021, from 26th – 29th June
updates from EACPT Research, Regulatory and Education working groups
EACPT awards

The next EACPT Congress will be held from 29th June to 2nd July in 2019 in Stockholm as a partnership between the EACPT and the Swedish Society for Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.…

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