Transparency statement

Policy on support from industry

Support from industry is in form of unrestricted grants towards scientific and professional activities of the EACPT. In relation to support from industry for the EACPT, the rules as described in the EFPIA Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Professional Organisations should be adhered to.

Income in financial year 2014

Industry 65.5%
Non-industry 34.5%
Largest single industry support from Almirall (21.8% of total net income).

Income in financial year 2015

Industry: 43.65%
Non-industry: 56.35%
Largest single industry support from Bayer Ag: (43.65% of income)
Financial Outcome Letter 2015

Income in financial year 2016

Non-Industry: 100%

Income in financial year 2017 

Industry: 0%
Non-industry: 100%
Largest single industry support: none

Transparency statement

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