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6 Defending No - Xavier Carné (Spain)
1 Miriam CJM Sturkenboom (The Netherlands)
2 Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of pharmacogenomics implementation from healthcare systems perspective - Raul A. Kiivet (Estonia)
6 Defending Yes - Ruth Diazaraque (United Kingdom)
2 "Increasingly No" - Tom MacDonald (United Kingdom)
1 Personalised pharmacotherapy in routine clinical pharmacological practice - Milan Grundmann (Czech Republic)
2 Promoting utility of PK/TDM principles among practitioners facilitates dialog towards rationalization of drug use - Romaldas Maciulaitis (Lithuania)
1 A common national database for pharmacological laboratory services - Tormod K Bjånes (Norway)
1 Presentation of two controversial examples - Antonio Gomez-Outes
2 General considerations about CHMP opinions - Centralized Procedure - Martina Weise
2 Presentation of two controversial examples - Jorge Camarero
4 Introduction and General considerations about CHMP opinions - Arantxa Sancho
3 Understanding the pharmacological factors that influence heterogeneity in drug response - Juan Tamargo (Spain)
3 Hepatitis B reactivation. How to manage the risk? - José Luis Calleja (Spain)
2 Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. Risk perception in the therapeutic context - Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski (Germany)
2 Registries for long-term risks - Ignacio García Doval (Spain)
2 Heterogeneity, the problem with the averages and the new regulatory challenge: “whom to treat” - Caridad Pontes (Spain)
1 Variability in drug response and clinical reality: the example of psychiatric diseases - Eduard Vieta (Spain)
2 Systematic introduction of new therapies within the Stockholm county and the Karolinska University Hospital - Carl-Olav Stiller (Sweden)
2 A computerized physician order entry-based system to prevent HBV reactivation in patients treated with biologic agents. The PRESCRIB Project - Cándido Hernández-López (Spain)
2 Rational pharmacotherapy in children - issues concerning off-label drug use - Imti Choonara (United Kingdom)
2 Public support to independent clinical trials - Rafael de Andrés Medina (Spain)
4 Renal function in older people - validity of MDRD/CG/CKD-EPI and implication for clinical practice - Emmanuelle Vidal-Petiot (France)
2 Shifting the marketing authorisation paradigm? Adaptive licensing: A valid approach nowadays? - Bruno Flamion (Belgium)
1 What is lacking in the regulatory package to support reimbursement decisions? - Beate Wieseler (Germany)
1 Update in strategies for appropriate prescription in older patients - Beatriz Montero (Spain)
1 Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models to predict ADME in humans - Amin Rostami (United Kingdom)
2 Drug interactions at the level of influx transporters - Janne Backman (Finland)
1 Challenges in communicating risks -Barbara Rath (Germany)
1 Biomarkers in Alzheimer clinical research - Claudio Babiloni (Italy)
11 Challenging issues of the introduction of biosimilar in clinical practice: Interchangeability, substitution, and traceability. Cristina Avendaño-Solá (Spain)
16 Biosimilar regulation in the EU. Trends for the future (e.g. extrapolation of indications, how to conciliate therapeutic equivalence demonstration with assay sensitivity) - Martina Weise (Germany)
6 Impact of biosimilar medicinal products in the EU pharmaceutical market - Aleksandra Grozdanova (Macedonia)
1 Current challenges in cancer treatment. Luis Paz Ares (Spain)
1 Targeting TNF receptors in neurodegenerative diseases - Roman Fischer (Germany)
2 The Sfinx/Pharao CDSS on drug-drug interactions and pharmacodynamics. Ylva Böttiger (Sweden)
1 Re-engineering the WHO Essential Medicines process: Moving towards a globally applicable model. Nicola Magrini (WHO, Switzerland)
1 The intestinal microbiota in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome
1 EACPT focus meeting July 2014
1 EACPT Riksen Trained Immunity
1 1 st- 2014 EACP Nijmegen talk final

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