EACPT Education Awards

– Lifetime achievement award in CPT Education

















At the end of the education symposium in Prague Prof. dr. Michiel van Agtmael, Amsterdam, chair of the Education subcommitttee handed out the EACPT Education Award to Prof Simon Maxwell, Edinburgh for his longstanding en outstanding activities on education in pharmacotherapy. The EACPT Education Award was awarded for the first time to Prof Theo de Vries in 2015.

On the last day of the symposium prof Ylva Böttiger, Linköping, chair of the EACPT,  officially announced this prestigious prize in the 2017 Award session.

– Research excellence award in CPT Education (in preparation)

– Certification of CPT teachers
EACPT wants to encourage CPT Teaching by providing certificates for EACPT associate members who fulfil certain requirements such as attending EACPT training courses, Summer Schools (of CPT Teaching) etc.
Project proposal to be made in 2015

EACPT Education Awards

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